Stainless Steel Coconut Opener

Stainless Steel Coconut Opener

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· MaterialStainless steel + ABS

· Size12.5*9.5 cm

· ColorBlack

· Item TypeCoconut Opening Tool

· Quantity1 pc

· Weight70g

· BrandComzendle


· Easy to use and clean.

· Safe design, anti-scratch blunt.

· Coconut drill made by stainless, hard and no rust.

· Stainless steel blade, sharp and durable, corrosion-resistant.

· Simply Cut a small hole into a fresh coconut to access its delicious, natural, and healthy raw coconut water.

How To Use:

· Push: Push through the soft husk.

· Twist: Twist back and forth white gently pushing until you cut through the shell and meat.

· Clean: Gently extract tool out of count. Use supplied cleaning stick to push coconut plug out of tool.

· Drink: Drink to your health! Yum!

Package Included:

· 1 pcs X Coconut Opening Tool


· Most people don't drink young coconut water because they don't want to hammer & slice away at a young coconut with a big sharp knife! -that's dangerous! This product is safe to use.

· The included cleaning stick is used to clean out the tool after use - and conveniently stores right inside the handle! Also included is a protective cap to keep the blade safe when not in use.

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